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Shows and Repertoire

In their story sessions the tellers of StoryGate combine traditional folklore with modern stories. Their repertoire includes German and Irish fairy tales as well as tales from all around the world. Their stories are about wisdom and love, about adventure and mystery and of course tales with a twist.

With their huge variety of stories they can open the gate to the story world for people of all ages.
The stories of each show can be selected to suit the event.


Children and teenagers

Story Jungle

Animal stories for you! Here is something for everyone: roaring lions, clever tricksters, riddles and lots of fun.

The stories will be presented by the handpuppet Vinny the handsome Vulture and his friend John-John the Orangutan. They will charm their way into every listener's heart! (Age 3-6 and 6-8)

Inventors and their stories

Every invention has its story. Some things were invented after years of trial and error. Some things were invented over night or even by accident!
Come and join the storytellers Simone and Michael in this show that combines puppetry with science and storytelling.
Watch as their story-donkey Dan Brody leads you through years of (dangerous) experiments and tells you the story behind famous inventions.
(Age 7-10)

Once upon a time ...

... when wishes still could come true and magic lingered in the world everything could happen. Let yourself be drawn into the world of folktales where ruthless giants kidnap young ladies and are tricked by them, a sister fights to free her seven brothers from a dreadful curse and a young prince disguises himself as a beggar to win the heart of his princess. Those and many more stories have been told for generations enchanting listeners. Now they want to be told again ...

(Age 6-12)

European Tales

In this interactive storytelling session the listeners get involved in the presentation of tales from countries all over Europe.

They will join the old heroes on their adventures, solve riddles and learn more about their neighbours. (All ages 3+)

Christmas Programme

Have a look at StoryGate's new Christmas Programme. There will be heartwarming tales, curious tradtions and puppeteering with Vinny the notorious Christmas Vutlure and a donkey with a story to tell . . . (Age 6-9). Click here for more details.

No! Really? Urban Myths

Unbelievable tales - sometimes gruesome, sometimes funny - but always true!

Or so they say ...

Join us on our journey through the unbelievable legends of our modern times. (Age 12+)



Of lovers, heroes and other fools

Did King Arthur know what women want? How did Robin Hood save Little John's life? Who was the woman that fooled Sherlock Holmes? And who the hell is Daniil Charms? The answers to these and many more questions can be found in this show with tales of romance, mystery and adventure.

Stories of courage

What is courage in our modern time? Where can you find it today? These are no stories about noble knights and fearless fighters but about ordinary people that we could pass on the street without ever noticing them.

Nevertheless, they have ideas and dreams that could make this world a better place. This show will bring you to places all over the world, to Berlin, Sarajevo, Moscow and maybe to your own front door.

Wisdom in the Jar - Irish-German Love Stories

Fools and wise kings, broken hearts and true love - there are many stories in both Ireland and Germany that, though very different, deal with love. Simone Schuemmelfeder from Germany and her husband Michael Phelan from Ireland bridge the gap between two cultures when they tell the stories close to their heart.

A three-pipe-problem:

Sherlock Holmes stories

The pipe, the hat, the hound of the Baskervilles - Sherlock Holmes is probably the world's most famous detective even over a hundred years after the first story was published.

How clever was he really, though?

In this evening full of mysteries and secrets you will learn more about  Sherlock Holmes' best cases, his secrets and his failures.