Storytelling and Puppetry for Children and Teenagers

Our 45min sessions of storytelling or storytelling and puppetry include a wide range of stories for all age groups, funny puppets, riddles and more!

Here a selection of the shows we offer:

Storytelling Shows

The Prince who married a Frog - Great European Tales

Be it from Spain, Italy or Finland - this story session includes tales you never heard before. With funny and clever stories this session has something for everyone. (4-12)

Pirates, Shipwrecks and Seamonsters!

Rough stories full of adventures, sunken ships and lots of treasure. Join us on this treasure hunt of imagination. (6-12)

Tall Tales for Little Listeners

Singing, clapping and join-in-stories are part of this show for the very young listeners. (3-5)

No! Really? Urban legends and other creepy stories

Sometimes scary, sometimes funny, but always true!
Or so they say . . . Explore the modern legends of our time with us. (10+)

Storytelling and Puppetry Shows

Inventors and their stories

Every invention has it's story. Listen to the story-donkey Dan Brody as he talks about clever (and not-so-clever) scientists, dangerous experiments and marvellous inventions. (7+)

Vinny's Record-breaking Stories!

Together with Michael and Simone, the handpuppet Vinny the handsome Vulture presents stories that will leave you gobsmacked! Hear of daring endeavours, breathtaking stunts and awesome facts in this show. (4+)

Rattling Bones and Tombstones

Are you ready for scary stories? Together with Vinny the Vulture, Simone and Michael tell scary and not-so-scary stories of pranks, graveyards and silly ghosts. (7+)

Dan Brody and the Christmas Witch

Have you ever heard of the Christmas Witch from Italy? Or the clever Yule-Lads from Iceland who play tricks on people? Join the story-donkey Dan Brody and Simone and Michael from StoryGate in this session of heart-warming tales and Christmas traditons from all over the world. (4+)

Stories for special occasions

You are planning an event? Contact us with your ideas and we'll find the right stories for you.